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Increase your ability to serve with research.

The state of Georgia has over 1,100 emergency housing facilities, not counting the thousands of other organizations across the state that seek to end homelessness. GAEH has conducted research that is vital to ending the homelessness epidemic in Georgia. We offer accurate and up-to-date info based on thirty years of experience and close relationships with hundreds of organizations state wide. Discover holes in your programs and stay on top of current issues. Spend precious time elsewhere and let us assist you.

Interviews and Surveys:

With thirty years of experience and an affiliation with hundreds of organizations, GAEH has compiled exhaustive surveys and studies concerning homelessness in Georgia. A membership grants you access to all these resources and materials. Eliminate the guesswork and put this information to use for your organization with a membership with GAEH.

Focus Groups:

We go directly to the homeless you help to get valuable feedback and information. A membership with GAEH allows you to get quick and easy improvements to your organization based on these thorough focus group studies. We make best practices easy to implement by comparing your organization with the hundreds across Georgia.

Gap Analysis:

Our homeless providers are some of the strongest people we know. Our number one goal is to help your organization flourish to help as many people as possible. With a membership with GAEH, you gain access to the best practices that can make or break your entire organization. Spend less time worrying about organizational strategy and more time doing the things you’re passionate about.

Homeless call center info:

Directly after becoming a member, you are added to our network at the Homeless Call Center. When anyone calls with a need in your area, we can quickly and easily direct them to you. Being a part of our Call Center means the hundreds of homelessness providers in Georgia won’t have to double their efforts and can help the homeless population as effectively as possible.